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To Learn, Achieve and Lead

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About our school

The aim of promoting excellence in a caring and supportive environment underpins the school culture of Kingsgrove North High School. This culture is grounded in the concept that all of our students have two basic rights at our school are the right to learn and the right to safety.

Our curriculum and welfare procedures have been developed (and are being continually evaluated by the school community) to ensure these rights and the corresponding responsibilities. We also place great value on helping our students to develop those skills necessary for them to become independent life-long learners and to see themselves as part of and contributing to their local community.

Kingsgrove North High School has a proud tradition of delivering excellence in academic, sporting, leadership and the arts. The school has excellent, state of the art facilities in technology, hospitality, industrial arts (a complete trade training centre), sport, creative arts and a large modern library and learning centre.

Our school has the only working museum classroom in the state, this is a unique resource and facility that compliments the unique learning environment that is Kingsgrove North High School.

All students have the opportunity to participate in an extensive list of leadership opportunities as well as extra-curricular activities including a technology, chess, gardening, public speaking, performances and academic competitions.

Vision and values

Kingsgrove North High School provides a safe, learning environment where students can achieve excellence in all areas of education. Students are expected to strive for their personal best performance within the ethical frameworks of respect, integrity and responsibility.

We believe school community relationships contribute to the personal growth of every student. We value respectful relationships with peers, school staff, parents and the community. We want our students to value interactions based on principals of equity and justice which will sustain and improve our natural and social environments and prepare them for their future.

We encourage our students to value lifelong learning and to accept the many challenges that they will face when they leave school by making, proper and informed decisions that will impact positively in their lives. At Kingsgrove North High School we support students in their learning and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace these new challenges. We support their learning by encouraging intellectual, creative and social domains and grow into adults that will engage in the community and make a valuable contribution to society.

Our vision

At Kingsgrove North High School we are focused on producing skilled, resilient and innovative 21st century learners in a safe, supportive and engaging educational environment.

At Kingsgrove North High School, the values that drive and binds us are:

  • the diversity of our educational community where rights and responsibilities are valued by staff and students.
  • the innovative, successful and quality teaching of our highly motivated and dedicated professional staff.
  • students who aim to achieve their goals while becoming educated, respectful and responsible young men and women.

School history

The school was established in 1959 to relieve overcrowding in existing schools and given the name Kingsgrove North High School by a committee of Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). Year 1 of the building, consisting of blocks B and C, were constructed by Monier Builders Ltd at the cost of 189 153 pounds which was the currency in those days. The visual arts block (or industrial arts as it is known today) was also built as part of the first stage.

The first Kingsgrove North High School headmaster was Mr E Johnson and the first school captains were Ron Graham and Judith Timmins. The school badge is based on suggestions from teachers and students and consists of a 'rotary wheel' that represents the wheel of industry and 'surrounding stars' to indicate hard work to achieve high goals.

The school pledge was composed in 1961 by a school teacher and consists of, 'The future is a challenge, let us excel our lives with power and purpose, let us excel.' The prefect's pledge was introduced in 1962 and says, 'I will promise at all times and in all places to maintain the honour of the school; that with sincerity, justice and integrity, I will discharge my duties so that in these things I shall excel, for what I am, this school will be.'

The school received the Director General's Award for Excellence in 2004 and 2005 and a National Award for Quality Schooling in 2007.

The 60th anniversary of the school was held on 7 December  2019

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