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Student welfare support

Kingsgrove North High School has also developed links with a number of outside agencies that work closely with our students to provide extra support in many different ways either individually or in groups. 

Some of the outside agencies that we work with and compliment the support detailed below include Mission Australia, Links to Learning, Campsie Police Youth Liaison Officers and our friends at the Western Sydney Giants Australian Football League (AFL). There is no need to feel alone. Below is a list of some people in our school where students can turn to for help.

Student welfare support staff


  • Position – front office
  • Assists us with day to day school operations
  • Helping to shape a vision of academic success for all students, create a climate hospitable to education, cultivate and improve leadership, manage people, data and processes

School counselors 

  • Position – next to the computer rooms (top level B block)
  • Assist with personal issues or concerns, relationship problems, depression, anxiety

Careers advisor 

  • Position– next to the home economics staffroom (lower level B block)
  • Applying for a job, resume application, helping you understand what jobs, universities, TAFE (technical and further education) or colleges you can apply to and assistance with work experience

Year advisor 

  • Position – in various staff rooms, see school diaries for names
  • supports with homework, any issues with friends or subjects, monitors behaviour and communicates with students and parents
  • supports students with welfare issues and provides both advice and counselling
  • Year advisers also plan and organise specialised programs such as whole year meetings with guest speakers that focus on a variety of topics and issues

Head of welfare

  • Position – in the library
  • Provides advice with life, family or school issues
  • Can introduce you to extracurricular activities
  • Head teacher welfare also coordinates all the welfare and support projects in the school

Deputy principals

  • Position – front office
  • Assist with day to day school operations, they can assist to get the support students need from within or use services and specialists from outside the school
  • The deputy principals also work with the principal in the planning and strategic directions of the school, each deputy is responsible for overseeing three-year groups


  • Position – in the different faculties across the whole school
  • Can be your first point of contact, someone to talk to, they can provide assistance with school work; homework, assignments and class room concerns

Community liaison officers

  • Position – upper level in K block
  • Community liaison officers are employed by the school on a casual basis and work with different year groups as well as individual students on a wide range of issues
  • They also provide support in a variety of ways and also engage outside agencies who come into the school

For more information on the student welfare programs, please refer to student welfare program page.