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Transition program

In 2010, the NSW government raised the school leaving age to 17. As a response to this, the Department of Education trained transition advisers in NSW schools.

The role of a transition Adviser (a teacher) is to work with the careers adviser, year adviser and other appropriate organisations to give individual support to disengaged or under-achieving students in transitioning them from school into a career, and helping them re-engage in continuing their education, either in school or in an alternate setting such as TAFE (technical and further education), apprenticeship, traineeship or registered training organisation.

The transition program at Kingsgrove North High School assists targeted students to identify, plan, and work towards achieving their career goal. This is achieved through:

  • using reflection activities to assist a student to identify their individual strengths and interests, to determine suitable career areas
  • discussion of skills and attributes that employers are looking for to highlight individual strengths, and areas requiring improvement. Mentoring or program implementation through community service providers may be recommended to increase a student's employability.
  • encouragement and assistance are provided, where appropriate, to apply for work. This may be in a part-time, casual, or full-time capacity (students under 17 years of age must be in full-time employment 25 hours per week, or a combination of work and education and training to be eligible to leave school). Valuable skills are learned through participation in the workforce. Employment can involve relevant, job-specific education that often re-engages an individual who was disinterested at school.
  • students receive assistance in resume building, completing job applications, interview techniques, how to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) and how to open a bank account.
  • a transition noticeboard is maintained in the school library to provide students with information regarding any employment opportunities (part-time and full-time),¬†apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeship courses, or other jobs specific education and training information. This information is sourced through our valuable links to the local business community and various employment and training organisations.
  • TAFE taster days, careers expos, workplace visits and work experience opportunities are offered to increase a student's exposure to life beyond school. This assists students in the development of their personal career goals and provides contacts and valuable information on career pathways available.
  • in-school training opportunities to obtain industry recognised qualifications (such as a white card for the construction industry) are offered when sufficient student numbers allow.

The transition adviser, Ms Linda Hocking, is available at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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