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Studying for exams

Everyone has his or her own routine or technique to study for upcoming exams. 

Strategies to follow to prepare for exams include:

  • find out the topics the exam is based on and how it is structured.
  • ask your teachers for help if you are unsure of a certain topic.
  • create a studying space for yourself where you are completely in the zone of studying and are able to concentrate.
  • stay calm while studying. If you feel that you are starting to get distracted or not comprehend what you are reading, move on to something else, a different subject perhaps so that you can have a break from the exam and the stress you may feel.
  • try to test yourself by asking yourself questions to see what you can remember.
  • do not try to cram everything into one day, although studying a day before the exam may work for some, it is better to have studied longer so you know what is going on and are prepared. 
  • begin studying a month before exams is good for juniors.
  • on the day of the exam wake up earlier than usual so you can study. 

Avoiding and dealing with exam stress:

  • find as much information as you can about the exam.
  • find the most suitable time and place for you to study and comprehend.
  • take a break once you start to feel distracted, listen to music, watch tv, or study a different subject.
  • eat well, keep your blood sugar levels normal so you are able to stay awake and have a good sleep during the night.
  • stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. Try not drink coffee.
  • exercise when you can so that blood is flowing and your brain gets enough oxygen.
  • sleep well in a comfortable position so that your body is relaxed and calm.
  • talk to someone if you are stressed so that you can in a way feel relieved.
  • reward yourself with things you like to do.
  • don't panic on the day stay in your own zone and complete the exam to the best of your ability.

This advice was written by Ebaa Swalah.