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International study tour visits

Kingsgrove North High School has developed an excellent reputation for hosting study tour visits from overseas schools and universities.

During 2015, and continuing in 2016,  our school hosted a number of visits from both China and Indonesia. Each study tour involves a tour of the school, a presentation of the curriculum and teaching facilities as well as a general introduction about education in New South Wales and the many reforms that are now taking place to ensure the best possible teaching practices are in place now and for the future.

Bangladesh Ministry of Education

Beijing Dongcheng Junior School

Dongcheng Junior High School from Beijing visited our school for a one-week study tour from Monday 14 August to 18 August 2017. There were 20 students who were accompanied by two staff one of which was their principal. The school in Beijing has 5000 students and the students who visited were selected through a series of processes that involved several categories.

During the one week visit, students were given a tour of the school and then were given a student buddy who looked after them for the week. Students were able to interact and participate in a variety of classes and activities.

A graduation ceremony with the exchange of gifts and speeches concluded the week with students and staff being very appreciative of the support and generosity showed by Kingsgrove North High School. Special thanks to Ms Linda Chegwidden and Ms Tong Baker who are the coordinators of our international study tour program.

Taizhou Sunson Middle School

On Monday 24 July we had a day visit from the Taizhou Sunson Middle School which his a province near Hanghzou. We had 35 students and three staff including the School Principal attend. The school in China has an enrolment of 6,000 students and 520 staff.

Students were able to take a detailed tour of the school as well as participate in a number of lessons, they were also introduced to the whole school during the morning assembly and as always were given a wonderful Kingsgrove North High School welcome.

Gao Xin Middle School

Gao Xin International Middle School visited Kingsgrove North High School from 8 to 12 August 2016. There were 18 students and one supervising teacher in total and they enjoyed the best of what our school had to offer. Students participated in a wide range of curriculum activities during the week and were also entertained with student performances. During their visit, students from Gao Xin Middle School were billeted with our own students and developed lifelong friendships.

Indonesian visitors

On Monday 16 May Kingsgrove North High School was host to a two-hour visit from four teachers from the Jembatan Budaya School in Indonesia. The teachers included a board director,  the Jembatan director, the head of the English department and a Mandarin teacher. Mr Stasos welcomed them to the school and had a preliminary meeting with them before Ms Baker and Ms Chegwidden took them on a tour of some of our classrooms and facilities. They were shown the Confucius classroom, the history museum in KF4, the IA block with the woodwork, metalwork and computer rooms, two science labs, a maths lesson, a geography exam being set up, the industrial kitchens and an art room and kiln and pottery making facilities. They were very interested in how the school was able to cater to such a diverse student population. They were very appreciative of the morning tea set up by Ms Baker and as well as the friendly reception they received from both staff and the students. The following students from our school assisted with the tour: Muhammad Ismet, Annalia Tenlain, Alvius Chandra and Jason Yu. These students were wonderful ambassadors for our school.

Guangxi gaojie

In February 2016, we were lucky to have students and teachers visiting from Guangxi Gaojie.

Indonesian teachers


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