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Sister schools

Kingsgrove North High School are fortunate to be sister schools with four international schools. We have 2 sister schools in China, one in Korea and one in Vietnam.

Our Chinese sister schools are:

  • Xuzhou 13 Middle School
  • Miyun No 2 Senior School in Beijing

Our Korean sister school is:

  • Apgujeong High School in Seoul

Our Vietnamese sister school is:

  • Le Hong Phong High School in Ho Chi Minh City

Apgujeong High School, Korea

Apgujeong High School was established in 1986, the school consists of 99 teaching staff and 1,057 students. The Educational Aim of the school is raising sincere and healthy democratic citizens.

The school has received a number of important awards these include:

  • grand prize for excellent curriculum operating school by the superintendent of education, 2013
  • the Education Ministry award for autonomous creative managing school, 2014
  • Superintendent of Education award for excellent career coach, 2014
  • superb eco-mileage school award, 2014
  • nationwide top 100 superb curriculum award, 2015.

The school offers an excellent student-centered curriculum that includes:

  • basic subjects (Korean, maths, English)
  • extension options for areas of social studies, history, geography, economics, law and politics, society and culture, philosophy and ethics and East Asian history
  • a large variety of science courses, physics, chemistry, life science and earth science
  • creative experience such as volunteering, filmmaking and job-related career experiences
  • art curriculum, music and performances.

There are a large variety of school programs for students to engage in including:

  • peer mentoring for peer education
  • research and education projects
  • diverse after school activities
  • debate contest, book exhibitions
  • regular briefing sessions for students and parents
  • sporting club activities
  • volunteer activities for communities.

We are very fortunate to have Apgujeong High School as one of our sister schools with students exchanging gifts from each country as well as video clips highlighting both schools.

Le Hong Phong High School, Vietnam

Le Hong Phong High School for the gifted is a highly selective high school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established in 1927, the school is one of the oldest high schools still operating in Vietnam.

The school has a faculty of about 160 teachers, chosen from the top candidates at the National University of Education in Ho Chi Minh City, serves about 2400 students in three grades from 10th to 12th Le Hong Phong conducts a rigorous entrance examination for admission. Its long-standing prestige as the foremost high school in the area attracts many applicants from south Vietnam and the competition is fierce.

The school offers 12 classes for majors, each specialising in a single subject including mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, geology, history, literature, English, French, Chinese and Japanese. Students in these classes do not have to pay tuition fees.

Upon applying to Le Hong Phong, applicants must specify the section in which to study. A section is a study programme in which the student chooses to specialise in three out of the eleven mandatory subjects. The entrance examination papers for each section differ in level of difficulty of each subject.

  • Section A: mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Section B: mathematics, chemistry and biology
  • Section C: literature, history and geography
  • Section D: mathematics, literature and foreign languages

Kingsgrove North High School established a sister school relationship with the school in 2016 and both local and Vietnamese students will shortly engage in a series of links and sharing of ideas and curriculum strategies.

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